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Take control of how your business is seen. Create a social web app that is easy for your follower to install — with community features built right in.

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More than a website.

Your desktop and mobile website in one-click.

Your Chamber is a responsive website designed to provide great experience to your audience. Simply signup, upload your content and you are set for launch.

Share limited offers and announcements.

Send new offers, promotions and products directly to your followers. Add photos, videos, background images, logos articles, and more.

Engage your visitors with social app experience.

Your audience can easily communicate with you just like a social media app. Invite them to place an order, make purchases and schedule an appointment is just a tap away.


Build your unique social media app

Invite visitors to add your Chamber to their Home Screen from a single link-in-bio URL.


Start for free

A web app for you audience to install, connect and engage with you. Free to get started. No coding required.

Chamber Plus


Launch private social media app ‘Halls’ for your members to sign up. Control who can join, post and act inside your members-only Chamber.

Questions and answers

What is Progress Web App (PWA) technology?

Progress Web App (PWA) enable everyone to install your Chamber Website as an app on their mobile device. Your audience can easily get the latest stories directly from their Home Screen or app launcher.

Is Chamber Website really free?

Chamber is free for any Fortemont user to upload images, share links, and publish under the chamber.page/yourusername domain. Other features, such as setting up dedicated Halls, collaboration, file drive, and more, are available when you make the upgrade to Chamber Plus.

How Chamber help me?

We all understand it takes a lot when you are trying to showcase your work, promote your business in a professional looking website. Chamber provide the tools to support you by having a homepage that is mobile friendly, professional looking and interactive.

When your audience growths you may have more than just one Chamber to grow. That’s why we build a tool for each user to create Halls, making it ideal for small team and start ups to collaborate.

All our tools are designed for mobile operation so it is very friendly to those who are growing their community, chamber of commerce and association.

How long does it take to make a website?

Traditionally it takes weeks or months to setup a website, from layout design, coding to optimisation. Not to mention making your website mobile-friendly, errors-free and secured.

Chamber provides you the tool to quickly setup a website with just a few clicks, where you can focus on the most important area: the content itself.

Setup a homepage for your activity and share it to your audience. Upload images, videos and files for everyone to explore and download. All can be done with Chamber and Chamber Plus.

How do I assign my custom URL or domain to my Chamber page?

If you want to link an existing domain that you own to your Chamber page, please purchase the Chamber Enterprise plan where a dedicated member of ours will be in touch with you to setup your branded Chamber, where you can customise features to fit your needs.

Can I post ChatGPT AI generated content?

The answer is yes, if you can fulfill the user intent and follow our service’s guidelines

1-to-1 service for club and organisation.

Our business team is here to help you setup and manage your new social platform for your chamber of commerce, association or local community. Get in touch to learn more.

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